Oracle APEX Advanced

If you have been working with APEX for some time, you will place higher demands on things such as security and authentication, the look and feel of the application, the interaction options of the interface and the communication between the application and the database. For this kind of advanced functionality APEX, together with HTML, CSS and JavaScript offer a lot of possibilities.

Based on their practical experience, our APEX specialists have created a list of advanced topics that will be covered in this three-day training. In addition to the necessary theory, you will also apply this in practice under the supervision of an experienced APEX specialist.

You will learn

  • How to use APEX components
  • How to cleverly apply JavaScript and CSS
  • How to harness the power of APEX APIs
  • What the power is of Webservices within APEX
  • How to work smartly with the APEX dictionary
  • How to work with a good UI/UX
  • How to work conveniently with Validations and Business Rules
  • The possibilities of access and security also at a detailed level
  • Convenient use of List of Values


  • Components
    • New regions
    • Rich text editor
  • Javascript
    • Keys
    • Functions
  • PL/SQL API’s
    • Apex_item
    • Collections
  • Web services
    • In action
    • Roles & Privileges
    • Authentication
  • APEX dictionary
  • User Interface
    • UI/UX
    • Theme rols
    • CSS
  • Validations
    • Validations in the database
    • Live validations
  • Access & Security
    • Authentication
    • Authorisation
  • List of Values
    • Radio groups
    • Popup LOV’s

Who should attend?

This course is intended for developers who already have some experience building with APEX.

Price per person

€ 1.950,-  (excluding VAT)

Duration of this course

3 days

Course dates

17 - 19 july 2024
16 - 18 september 2024
20 - 22 november 2024

The teacher


"I enjoy sharing my Oracle APEX knowledge and experience with students."

Boyd Timmerman

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