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Looking for an Oracle, OutSystems or Java training from a party with extensive practical experience? A training that will enable you to put the content into practice immediately? And one that is informal as well as personal? If the answer is yes, choose a training by Transfer Solutions Education. We put quality over quantity, are flexible, and can adapt to your needs and requirements. Always.

Why Transfer Solutions Education

  1. Always experts

    In front of the classroom are trainers who work daily as a consultant, developer or DBA. As a result, they know exactly what is going on in practice - all teachers. You can therefore also contact them if you still have a question after an OutSystems, Oracle or Java training. The answer follows. Always.

  2. Always flexible

    Group training within a week? An individual refresher course within a day? If you are looking for knowledge, we are your partner. No rigid annual schedules, but a flexible approach. In the end, it works best for you.

  3. Always custom-made

    Of course, with us you follow all courses on OutSystems, Oracle and Java from beginner to advanced level. We are also your partner for specific training courses. If necessary, we tailor the content completely to your training needs. So you can move on quickly.

  4. Always practical

    The next day you immediately apply what you have learned. Sharing knowledge is in our roots - during training and in our daily work. This way you are assured of the most practical training you have ever followed. We know for sure.

Our students have their say

“Excellent training, especially the many practical assignments.”

F. Blommert, MKB-brandstof
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Our teachers

Boyd Timmerman

“I enjoy sharing my Oracle APEX knowledge and experience with students.”

Boyd Timmerman
Our teachers