OutSystems Developer Security Boot Camp

The Security Boot Camp focuses on the fundamental knowledge related to reactive Web security fundamentals, Mobile security fundamentals, authentication, access control, secure connection, handling sensitive data and other OWASP vulnerabilities, and some recommendations/built-in protections OutSystems offers.

Based on their practical experience, our OutSystems security specialists have created a list of topics that will be covered in this training.

Also, you’ll be able to take a shot at the Specialization exam for free!


You will learn

  • How OutSystems implemented the Security Layers
  • The 10 most important OWASP vulnerabilities
  • How to protect against the OWASP vulnerabilities
  • What Hashing and Salting is
  • How authentication in OutSystems works
  • How to use the right security settings
  • The OutSystems Security Best Practices


  • Security Layers
    • Permissions
    • Roles
    • User application
    • Vulnerabilities Web
    • Vulnerabilities Mobile
    • OWASP in OutSystems
  • Hashing
  • Authentication
  • Security
    • Out of the box
  • Security Best Practices in OutSystems

Who should attend?

This course is targeted to:

  • Developers who develop with OutSystems, or those who already have some experience with the platform and want to learn more about security with OutSystems.
  • Architects and project managers who want to better understand how security matters are arranged or can be implemented within OutSystems.

Price per person

€ 650,- (excluding VAT)

Duration of this course

1 day

Course dates

19 october 2023
14 december 2023

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