Professional Scrum Master Training

Scrum seems simple, but applying this method in an organization can sometimes be very difficult. It is not without reason that many organizations do not experience all the benefits that Scrum can deliver. The role of Scrum Master is crucial for the success of Scrum. That is why we offer the Professional Scrum Master training. In two training days, our trainers train you to become a Scrum Master. You’ll gain all the knowledge and experiences with which you can make every Scrum project a success. This training includes an exam.


After following this training, you’ll take an (English) multiple choice exam online. You can do this any place, any time, but within two weeks after following the training at the latest. If the score of this exam is at least 85 percent, you’ll receive the ‘Professional Scrum Master’ certificate. This certificate is issued by

What will you learn?

This training provides insight into why a seemingly simple method such as Scrum has far-reaching consequences for your organization. Our trainers provide you with all the knowledge with which you can initiate new Scrum projects or take ongoing Scrum projects to a higher level. The training focuses on the role of the Scrum Master and the team. We also discuss the basic principles, roles, tools and meetings of the Scrum process extensively. We alternate theory with practical exercises and Agile games. Components that will definitely be discussed are:

  • Scrum basic principles & theory: what is Scrum and how does it relate to Agile?
  • Scrum framework & meetings: the theory about the process according to Scrum.
  • Scrum & change: what will actually change if you start working according to Scrum and how can you bring about this change?
  • Scrum & Total Cost of Ownership: because development and management processes have a great deal of influence on each other, you will learn how you can look beyond the boundary between these two processes and make the maximum contribution to your Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Scrum teams: the how and why of working together, being a team and communicating in daily practice.
  • Scrum planning: you learn to inform customers about the progress of the project, despite the fact that no long-term plans are issued in the Scrum process.
  • Scaling Scrum: approaching Scrum in large organizations and large complex projects with multiple teams.

Who should attend?

De training is geschikt voor professionals die de rol van Scrum Master vervullen of gaan vervullen. Daarnaast is de training van toegevoegde waarde voor iedereen die iets te maken heeft met software development en diepgaande kennis van de Scrum methodiek wil opdoen. Denk hierbij aan architecten, ontwikkelaars, teamleiders, business, beheerders, testers en projectleiders.

The training is suitable for professionals who play or plan to play the role of Scrum Master. In addition, the training is of added value for anyone who has anything to do with software development and wants to gain in-depth knowledge of the Scrum methodology, including architects, developers, team leaders, business managers, testers and project leads.

Prior knowledge

You do not need to have any prior theoretical knowledge or experience to participate. We do, however, recommend acquiring some basic knowledge prior to the training by reading the Scrum Guide: The Professional Scrum Master training is suitable for a minimum of six and a maximum of twenty participants. Both groups and individuals can register for the program.


Price per person

€ 1.499,-  (excluding VAT)

Duration of this course

2 days

Course dates

Dates not (yet) available / On request

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