Peter Vermaat

18-05-2020 • Mariette van Pinxteren

“Learning is more than just increasing your knowledge base. A licensing workshop might hardly seem spectacular, but is oftentimes quite an adventure. For someone who has dealt with licensing rules regularly, they become coherent and less sizeable. Despite the documentation published by Oracle (the “jurisdiction”), “jurisprudence” is much more common, which can lead to quite different results, even in seemingly similar cases.

The challenge for participants is to find a recognizable pattern in the examples garnered from real use-cases.

Chances are that in the past one outcome has been completely different from another. By trying to understand the rationale behind these cases as a group, this workshop grants insight into the process and leads to learning. My day is made when my students not only know how everything comes together after this workshop, but also see possibilities to be creative with the rules.”