Architecture Specialization

The exam focuses on practical knowledge and scenarios that validate your knowledge and professional experience. The Architecture Specialization focuses on the fundamentals of OutSystems application Architecture, such as Architecture Canvas, design process and validation, architecture patterns, application composition and style guide architecture. You can register for this exam by clicking the subscribe button below. When registering, choose the correct exam and then choose Prometric Certification Center


The Architecture Specialization exam focuses on the fundamentals of OutSystems Architecture design. Targeted to developers or architects that are fairly autonomous in designing a good OutSystems Architecture, with a scalable mindset and the objective of contributing to an efficient and healthy lifecycle of applications. This is an important step on your journey to becoming an OutSystems Professional Developer and/or Architect. The best way to prepare for this exam is to follow the Base Architecture Boot Camp.


Price per person

€ 93,- (excluding VAT)

Exam dates

31 march 2023
13 april 2023
1 may 2023
11 may 2023
2 june 2023
15 june 2023
30 june 2023

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